Meiofauna-Related Web Sites

Meiofauna-Related WWW Sites (People)

Meiofauna-Related WWW Sites (Misc.)

Menntun Consulting

Gastrotrich Web Portal

Annelida WWW Site

Expert Center for Taxonomic Identification (ETI)

The Interagency Taxonomic Information System (ITIS)
Quality taxonomic aquatic and terrestrial flora and fauna database
(Science, v. 272, p. 37, 1996)

Copepods of Italy
An informative site on the groundwater harpacticoid, cyclopoid and calanoid copepods of Italy.

Groundwater fauna of Italy
Site focuses on the groundwater fauna of Italy (history, origin, cheklist of stygobiontes, etc.).

World list of Harpacticoid Copepods

Zoomorphology Section at the University of Oldenburg
Information on copepods and groundwater biology is provided.

The International Code of Zoological Nomenclature

Spreading the word about meiofauna
Interview of Dr. Robert Higgins on possible uses of meiofauna

World Register of Marine Species (Worms)

Nemys database

NemATOL database

Smithsonian site for copepods