The Meiobenthos

Welcome to the website of the International Association of Meiobenthologists. We are a global community of researchers focused on the study of the meiobenthos, organisms which live in sediments (marine and freshwater) or on secondary substrates (e.g. seaweeds). The meiobenthos includes microscopic invertebrates (the meiofauna less than 1 mm in size), protista (e.g. ciliates and foraminifera), and the microphytobenthos (the microscopic algae that live on/in sediments).

A mosaic of meiobenthic organisms

Over the next few months we will develop the website to include more and more content on the meiobenthos, and not just for specialists! We are planning to add a section of Educational Materials in a wide diversity of languages to promote meiobenthology to future students and the wider public worldwide.